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Syria mulls over ending emergency rule

Syria mulls over ending emergency rule
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The Syrian leadership says it is considering an end to the Arab state’s near 50-year emergency rule after deadly protests.

Confronted with a possible revolt, the change of tact was announced by President Bachar al Assad’s advisor, but it remains unclear if the move is a softening in the governments position.

The President’s advisor Bouthaina Shaaban said: “We will consider lifting the state of emergency very quickly by implementing laws that protect citizens. The implementation of these decisions starts today and next week we’ll take another set of decisions.’‘

Since last week the southern city of Deraa has been rocked by protests. Like elsewhere in much of the Arab world, the discontent seems to stem from lack of political freedom.

While figures vary wildly, it is being reported that more than 100 people may have been killed by Syrian security forces yesterday following a violent crackdown.

Amateur film footage posted on the internet purported to show police deliberately opening fire people.