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White smoke and steam at Fukushima

White smoke and steam at Fukushima
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White smoke and steam can be seen rising from reactor number 2 at the stricken Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan, suggesting the battle to avert a meltdown and stop the spread of radiation is not yet won.

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However, reactor number 3, which had been causing concern yesterday, appears to have stabilised.

Meanwhile, small traces of radiation have been found in vegetables. Experts say there is no risk to health, but the sale of spinach and milk produced near the plant has been banned.

People living near the Fukushima plant have also been warned against drinking tap water, due to increased levels of radioactive iodine.

Meanwhile, classes have resumed at a nearby primary school, even though parts of it are still being used to house evacuees. Ootsu School in Kitaibaraki was closed in the wake of the earthquake and tsunami. Most of the pupils were back in class, although there were some empty seats. Locals still sheltering at the school joined the youngsters for a ceremony to mark the re-opening.