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Libya's army orders immediate ceasefire

Libya's army orders immediate ceasefire
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Libya’s army have ordered all of its units to observe an immediate ceasefire.

The announcement was made after some 24 hours of bombardment by American, British and French forces.

A military spokesman said the ceasefire was effective from 1900 GMT.

He said it had been decided upon following an African Union call for an immediate end to hostilities and the UN Security Council’s authorisation of “any necessary means”, including a no-fly zone, to stop the violence.

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Colonel Muammar Gaddafi had already declared a ceasefire on Friday.

UN chief Ban Ki-moon urged “the Libyan authorities to keep their word.”

“They have already said they start a ceasefire and did not,” Ban said. “They have been continuing to attack the civilian population. This has to be verified and tested.”