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Defiant Gaddafi speech

Defiant Gaddafi speech
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Colonel Gaddafi says Libya is prepared for a long war, and that the international forces against him will be defeated. He was speaking by telephone on state television.

He said the international forces “are resorting to terroristic means, but the victory will belong to those who hold the Libyan territory.”

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He added that “those who come from behind the seas are too cowardly to come onto our land, we are on our land”

“We won’t give up our children’s wealth, our oil to the Americans, Britons, French and to the Christian countries that formed a coalition against us. We will not leave them to enjoy our oil. They have to know that we will fight on a broad front extending more than 2000 kms. Never, ever, will you be able to make us surrender, this land will defeat you, inevitably.”