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Coalition allies continue Libya air strikes

Coalition allies continue Libya air strikes
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American, British and French forces have attacked Libya from the sea and from the air to stop Colonel Gaddafi’s offensive on the rebel-held east of the country.

Libyan officials say at least 48 people have been killed in the strikes, which began on Saturday.

There has been no independent confirmation of the death toll.

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British Defence Secretary Liam Fox said the coalition was only hitting military targets.

He added the weaponry used was “designed to minimise civilian casualties.”

Russia, which abstained in the key Security Council vote, has called on the allies to stop “the non-selective use of force” in Libya.

It is the West’s biggest military intervention in the Arab world since the US-led invasion of Iraq eight years ago.

Gaddafi has accused Britain, France and the United States of “terrorism” and warned that his country will fight “a long war” to repel their attacks.