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Libya: Benghazi braces for all-out Gaddafi assault

Libya: Benghazi braces for all-out Gaddafi assault
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The battle for Benghazi looks to have already begun, from the skies. Colonel Gaddafi has now warned of an imminent all-out ground assault on the rebel stronghold.

Insurgents insist they will stand firm and will not be deterred by threats made by the Libyan leader. He has warned his forces will show no mercy to fighters who resist them but says those who lay down their arms will be pardoned.

Pro-Gaddafi forces have retaken a string of rebel-held towns in recent days. Fighting has left parts of Libya’s third city of Misrata in ruins. A government spokesman said the Colonel’s forces expect to be in full control of the city during the course of Friday. There were reports on Friday morning that bombardments left at least four people dead and more than 70 wounded.