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Gaddafi shells coastal city of Misrata

Gaddafi shells coastal city of Misrata
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Forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi shelled the rebel-held town of Misrata on Friday morning, according to opposition troops holed up in the coastal city.

It came after last night’s resolution authorising military action against Libyan forces but before Libya’s foreign minister declared that Libya would respect the resolution and had declared a ceasefire. There have been some reports that shelling continued after the Gaddafi regime declared its ceasefire.

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The attack is believed to have started at around 7am CET and involved tanks and heavy artillery.

Amateur video showed buildings in the city going up in smoke.

Misrata is the last major rebel stronghold in the west of Libya.

A number of people were reported dead with scores injured.

State media says that Gaddafi’s forces have recaptured the oil terminal of Zueitina close to Benghazi.

The attacks follow air strikes on Benina Airport in Benghazi as Gaddafi attempts to reassert control.

Witnesses claim they saw three Libyan airforce fighters shot down.

Bombing runs have also been carried out against rebel bases.

Those opposed to Gaddafi claim as many as 1,000 people have been killed since the unrest began.

The government puts the number of victims at 150.