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Cameron: UN resolution designed to 'protect civilians'

Cameron: UN resolution designed to 'protect civilians'
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British Prime Minister David Cameron has addressed parliament on the UN decision to back a no-fly zone over Libya, a decision tantamount to ordering military action against the regime of Muammer Gaddafi.

Cameron told MPs: “The central purpose of this resolution is the end of violence, to protect civilians and allow the people of Libya to determine their own future, free from the brutality unleashed by the Gadaffi’s regime.

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He continued: “It was the people of Libya, through the transitional national council, who were the first to call for protection from air attack through a no-fly zone. More recently the Arab League made the same demand. Mr Speaker I would say this, it has been remarkable how Arab leaders have come forward and condemned the actions of Gadaffi’s government.”

A spokesman for Cameron said later that a vote on Libya was expected in parliament on Monday but that Britain could act in Libya before then.