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150 years of nationhood and Italy is still divided

150 years of nationhood and Italy is still divided
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It is fiesta time in Rome, in fact all over the country, as Italy celebrates it’s 150th anniversary of becoming the modern nation.

Events have been held throughout the year but March 17 is the pinnacle of the festivities.

On what is known as “Tricolour Night”, President Georgio Napolitano addressed the crowd:

“I want to send my good wishes to all Italians of all ages and of all social classes and political persuasions. They and we should celebrate together on this our huge anniversary.”

Not all Italians support the national day, German speaking South Tyrol still disputes it’s inclusion into the county back in 1919. The Northern League which wants greater fiscal and administrative autonomy says holding a public holiday will hurt Italy’s sluggish economy.

But for many others its a chance for a day off and a party.