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Tunisians turn up heat over Clinton visit

Tunisians turn up heat over Clinton visit
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The US Secretary of State can expect a fiery reception when she arrives in Tunisia on Thursday.

Hundreds of people demonstrated in the capital against Hillary Clinton’s visit, calling on the US to stay out of Tunisian affairs.

Around 300 protestors gathered in Avenue Bourguiba, the tree-lined boulevard in Tunis which was a focal point of the mass protests that ousted president Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali in January.

“People are angry because Washington didn’t speak out against Ben Ali,” said one demonstrator. “They let Gaddafi kill his people and now they’re silent on Bahrain. They want to steal the revolution from us. Americans have never given any gifts to the people,” he added.

Despite Washington’s long support for Ben Ali, Clinton is expected to meet Tunisia’s interim authorities to express US support for the transition to democratic rule.