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Libya rebels braced for further attacks

Libya rebels braced for further attacks
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Rebels in the eastern Libyan town of Ajdabiyah are trying to fend off an attack by forces loyal to Colonel Gaddafi.

The regime has been bombing the area on a regular basis, but has so far failed to dislodge the opposition rebels, who still patrol the streets.

“Everybody is confused and scared”, said one shopkeeper, “you can see the shops are closed because nobody knows what will happen”.

In the east, Ajdabiyah is the last remaining obstacle before the rebel stronghold of Benghazi.

Bashir Al Tammani, the leader of the Committee for Dialogue, which represents various tribal groups, has called for the fighting to end, claiming some rebels are trying to divide the country. He said he wanted to see dialogue with the opposition.

But in Benghazi rebels remain optimistic and defiant. One resident told news agency Reuters that if Gaddafi’s forces invade the city, “it will be war”.