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Fears raised of a nuclear meltdown in Japan

Fears raised of a nuclear meltdown in Japan
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Two more explosions at Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi power plant have raised fears the authorities are unable to control the complex.

Reactors one to four have now suffered blasts raising concerns of a leak in one of the containers.

Japan’s prime minister has appeared on television apologising for the crisis. He said everything was being done to alleviate the problem while he had enlarged the exclusion zone round the plant to 30 kilometres.

There are six reactors at the Fukushima plant, both one and three have suffered partial fuel meltdowns after a sudden drop in cooling water. Reactors five and six are so far unaffected.

A spokesperson for the plant’s operators, Tokyo Electric said they have asked the US military for help.

“We will continue to add water to the pressure container, but we have asked staff who are not needed for this process to temporarily move to a safe area in the plant,” added Kaoru Yoshida.

Workers have remained are being continually checked for radioactive contamination. However radiation – nine times normal levels – had briefly been detected near Tokyo.The experts say this was due to the aftermath of the fourth explosion.