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Quake evacuees fear over radiation leak

Quake evacuees fear over radiation leak
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As Japan scrambles to avert a nuclear meltdown at a stricken plant, evacuation efforts are being stepped up.

Tens of thousands of people have already been moved from the affected zone, joining nearly half a million others from quake and tsunami-hit areas in the north-east.

With the government now warning those still inside the 20km evacuation zone to stay indoors, there is growing anger among some that the situation is spiralling out of control.

At the Futaba shelter some 50 kilometres from the damaged reactor, concerns are split over whether there will be enough food to eat or if radiation poisoning is a real danger.

“My baby only feeds on breast milk so I have to eat enough food to feed him,” said 28-year-old evacuee Masami Ishizawa.

But others blame authorities for doing too little too late: “I’m very angry that they didn’t tell us from the start to move further away,” protested Ryko Watanabe.

Sentiments shared by much of the Japanese press, adding further pressure to government’s efforts to deal with what the prime minister’s called the worst crisis since World War Two.