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Libyan rebels braced for attacks

Libyan rebels braced for attacks
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Forces loyal to Libya’s Colonel Gaddafi have seized back control of the oil town of Brega. It follows their success on Saturday when they drove rebels out of Ras Lanouf after several days of fierce fighting.

“The people are eager for the green flag – for the flag of freedom,” said a Gaddafi supporter. “People need Moammar, they need freedom. We are sacrificing ourselves for our homeland and we will liberate all Libya.”

The regime appears to be getting closer to the opposition stronghold of Benghazi. The city of Ajdabiyah lies in its path and on Sunday rebels there were bracing themselves for an attack.

The flat desert terrain, it is thought, will favour the government’s air supremacy over that of the rebels’ light weapons.

Gaddafi has vowed, as he put it, to “liberate all of Libya.” On state television he said he was certain of victory and that he would “bury” the rebels.