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The devastating impact of Japan's killer tsunami

The devastating impact of Japan's killer tsunami
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Some 10-metres high, it surged into cities and villages. And as the killer tsunami slammed into Japan’s northeast coast, it swept away everything in its path.

Boats, cars and homes were tossed around like toys in the water. Trains were reported missing.

Triggered by the fifth most powerful earthquake to hit the world in the last century, the tsunami left a trail of destruction.

The port city of Sendai, including its airport, felt the full fury of the muddy wall of water. Reaching higher ground or the nearest roof was literally a matter of life or death.

Even in a nation accustomed to tremors, the devastation wrought by Friday’s 8.9 magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunami was massive.

It was 1446 local time when the earthquake hit, on what had been an ordinary afternoon.

As disaster struck, ports were shut and power to

millions of homes and businesses was lost.

Dozens of fires were sparked along the coast, including at industrial sites.

As for the death toll, it continues to rise.