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Japan's people still reeling from huge quake

Japan's people still reeling from huge quake
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Japan is still trying to take in the sheer scale of the earthquake that struck the country. Though used to being hit by large quakes, this was simply huge – the biggest in the country’s recorded history.

In the capital, Tokyo, many people rushed outside and gathered in public places. Though there was little panic on the streets the shock among residents in the city was clear.

One young woman said: “I thought I was going to die. It was enormous.” Another woman added: “I’ve never felt such a huge quake.”

One motorist described how his car started to jump all over the road: “I thought I had a flat tyre, but then a chunk of concrete fell on to the front of my car.’‘

Despite concern for the country’s nuclear facilities, the majority of Japanese buildings, especially high rise office blocks, appear, in the main, to have withstood the intensity of the huge 8.9 magnitude tremor.