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Intense fighting in the east of Libya

Intense fighting in the east of Libya
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Rebels in the east of Libya, on the outskirts of Ras Lanuf, have been bombarded by Gaddafi’s soldiers.

The battle rhythm and the facts are constantly moving. The opposing forces claim an air strike by government planes hit storage tanks of the state owned oil processing company. From a Gaddafi spokesman there was a flat denial.

Libyan TV showed forces rejoicing as they intensified their counter offensive to take complete control of Ras Lanuf. One rebel alleged they had pushed the troops out of the residential area of the town. Another said war is always backwards and forwards.

From Tripoli, Gaddafi has threatened Europe to stop what he called their support for the fight against international terrorism and illegal immigration. If not, he is quoted as saying, Libya would be forced to completely change its policy towards al-Queda.

West of the capital, Tripoli, the revolt in Zawiyah appeared to be crushed with no fighting. Benghazi remains a stronghold for the rebels.

In the town there were more funerals and protests. It is an untrained volunteer army and they are pleading with the west for a no-fly zone to be imposed.

Reports indicate that government forces, with air supremacy and a big advantage in tanks, appear to have regained the momentum.