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Quake eyewitness: 'The scariest moment of my life'

Quake eyewitness: 'The scariest moment of my life'
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Just hours after the initial shock, Euronews spoke to French movie director Alexandre Bartholo, who was working in his office in Tokyo when the massive quake occurred.

‘‘I was at work when it all started. I work on the tenth floor so we were terrified when everything started to move. We’re used to earthquakes in this region but this one was nothing like the others. It was far more intense.

‘‘All the furniture in the office started shaking with books and folders falling from shelves. Our desks were moving so much that some of my colleagues had to hold on to their computers while others were gripping the walls to try and stay on their feet.

‘‘To be honest, this was by far the scariest moment of my life. I had never seen this before. A similar incident happened last month in this area but this time, it almost felt like the whole building was about to collapse.

‘‘When you’re on the tenth floor, it’s hard to decide whether or not you should try getting out of the building. It’s a very strange feeling. I felt completely helpless and vulnerable… I didn’t know what to do.’‘