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Bahraini protest defused with doughnuts

Bahraini protest defused with doughnuts
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Anti-government protesters in Bahrain have staged a peaceful demonstration outside the American embassy to demand the US cut its ties with the Gulf state’s leadership.

But, unlike last month’s protests, which were met with a violent response by authorities, the activists in Manama were offered doughnuts by US staff.

While the gesture was warmly welcomed, the message from the Shi’ite protesters was a serious one. Sheikh Mohamad Hassan Ibrahim, a member of the Islamic Action Society said: ‘‘We hope to come here again and share sweets with you after the fall of this regime.’‘

Another protester said: ‘‘We come here to convey a clear message to the US administration that it must not stand shoulder to shoulder with and help dictatorial regimes.’‘

Despite that call to abandon the monarchy, Washington remains a close ally to Bahrain. The tiny Gulf state is home to the US navy’s fifth fleet.

On Monday, Bahrain’s crown prince urged patience ahead of a national dialogue following last month’s violent unrest.