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Libyan state television reports Gaddafi victories

Libyan state television reports Gaddafi victories
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The battle for control of the message in Libya is escalating, as the real fighting continues. In Ben Jawad in the east of the country, rebel forces are in control. However, reports on Libyan state television are claiming that government forces have managed to retake the city, and are pushing much further east onto the opposition stronghold of Bengazi.

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The reports also claim pro-Gaddafi forces are in control of Ras Lanuf, where rebel forces have also declared victory.

After a day of intense fighting in the western city of Zawiyah, which saw two army offensives, rebels are holding out. Yet Libyan state television is also reporting victory for Gaddafi’s forces here. According to reports from a doctor in the city, 30 people were killed in yesterday’s violence. There are also eyewitness claims that the soldiers fired indiscrimately at civilians.

Overnight, what sounded like heavy weaponry and machine guns was heard in the capital, Tripoli. However, the government says it was the sound of people celebrating Gaddafi’s victories with fireworks.