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Battle for Libya: Gaddafi counter-attacks in the east

Battle for Libya: Gaddafi counter-attacks in the east
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Reports from Libya suggest forces loyal to Colonel Gaddafi are stepping up counter-attacks in the east to try to take back control of several towns.

Witnesses say the rebel-held town of Ajdabiyah came under air attacks on Wednesday and that pro-Gaddafi forces are advancing on the town which is 470 miles east of the capital, Tripoli.

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Since the start of the uprising most of eastern Libya has been controlled by rebel anti-government forces, but although reports are difficult to verify, it is claimed Gaddafi’s forces are launching counter- attacks.

There are reports that rebels have now taken back the eastern Libyan town of Brega after it was said to have fallen to Gaddafi’s forces. But a government spokesman denied any counter attack had been made.

However Libyan state television has reported that Gaddafi’s forces have taken control of Brega’s air and sea ports.

Brega is strategically important because of its large oil refinery.

On Wednesday a spokesman for the opposition coalition told the news agency Reuters that foreign intervention might be needed to oust Gaddafi.

However, foreign-led military action seems unlikely for now.