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Malta welcomes Libya evacuees

Malta welcomes Libya evacuees
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The latest evacuees have arrived from Libya on board the British navy ship, the HMS Cumberland.

Most UK nationals who want to leave Libya have now done so, but other nationals are still trapped.

With concerns growing that the continuing violence is becoming a humanitarian crisis, there is speculation that international operations
might change from evacuation into something more proactive.

A Chinese frigate is travelling through the Suez Canal to provide support and protection for ships evacuating Chinese nationals and more and more floating military hardware appears to be arriving.

Euronews reporter Miguel Sardo said: “After the catamarans and the ferries, military vessels are starting to have a bigger role in the rescue operation. In the next hours two frigates will arrive in Malta where there are already several foreign navy ships. Nevertheless, yesterday the prime minister of Malta assured the country wouldn’t become a military base.”