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Tobruk's people - driven to rebel

Tobruk's people - driven to rebel
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Although Tobruk is an impoverished city it has a reputation for being a bastion of resistance.

In the last century Tobruk was the final town to fall under the control of an Italian colonial administration.

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One local resident said: “This time the revolution was sparked for economic reasons as well as the absence of free of speech, the situation of the country was in a deplorable state.”

As the fight continued the city’s prison was raised to the ground.

“The cars were burnt by the police after they joined the uprising,” said another local. “The prison was burnt by the protesters because it is a dark symbol of the regime, a nightmare for Libyans, the prison represents 40 years or more of suffering.”

According to Tobruk’s residents each room inside the prison is said to have been used for a different form of torture.

Euronews correspondant Mohamed Elhamy explained, “inside the cells, political prisoners were detained for several days before being transferred to Tripoli for torture – that’s what the rebels claim. Now they are empty after the liberation of the city and Tobruk is governed by its people.”