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Ireland's new leaders seek compromise on bailout

Ireland's new leaders seek compromise on bailout
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The man likely to lead Ireland’s next government says he believes a comprise can be reached on the country’s massive euro bailout.

Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny has promised to renegotiate the interest rate of the rescue deal.

But, speaking after his party’s strong electoral showing, Kenny moved to reassure Ireland’s EU partners.

“We want to send the message out to Europe and the world that we intend to provide strong and stable government and our country is open for business and that we intend to rebuild our reputation both at home and abroad.”

Kenny’s Fine Gael will, however, almost certainly have to share power, most likely with Labour, in what was a night of success for the opposition.

In contrast, Fianna Fail, the dominant party for nearly 80-years in Irish politics, was heading towards political annihilation following voter fury over the economy.

“Well, I think we gave them what they deserved to be honest. I’m really happy with the results of the election, of the poll, especially in Dublin, I’m really happy that Labour came out on top and hopefully it will be a bit more of an equal society,” said one woman in Dublin.

“They made an ass of the country, they really did. I’m glad their gone and I’m sure everybody else is as well,” another man said.

Ireland was forced to go cap in hand to the EU and IMF last year for a massive multi-billion euro bailout, however, trying to change the terms of the deal could put Dublin on a collision course with Brussels.