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Anti-regime rebels make gains

Anti-regime rebels make gains
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Anti-government rebels are continuing to make gains in the battle for control of Libya.

The city of Zawiya about 30 miles west of the capital Tripoli looks like becoming central to the conflict.

Armed opposition militia have taken control of the city. But there are reports that the city has been surrounded by troops loyal to Colonel Gaddafi, and that the rebels are expecting a counter attack at any moment.

Most of the coastal cities are now reportedly in the hands of the rebels, including the eastern city of Misrata, as well as Kufra in the south.

But pictures from Libyan state television appear to show Gaddafi remains in control of the capital Tripoli. The regime’s helicopters control the skies, and roadblocks are keeping the city centre securely in government hands. And Gaddafi still has his supporters among the people.

“This is what divides the country”, said one such man. “We haven’t got problems between us. The tribes of Libya are one family. Libya is like one family. We have got nothing. Look around you. Look at the ruins”.

Despite claims to the contrary there are signs that there have been clashes in Tripoli.

At this stage it remains unclear how much support each side can claim.