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Refugees welcomed at Tunisian frontier.

Refugees welcomed at Tunisian frontier.
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It is estimated that some 30 000 foreigners have left Libya since the uprising started. Many of them have crossed over the frontier into Tunisia carrying what few belongings they could manage.

Residents from the town of Ben Gerdan have been organising food and shelter for the new arrivals. The towns committee estimates that it has fed over 12000 people in the past two days.

“All the residents of Ben Gerdan without exception have become active in bringing water, food and medicine to the storage facility”, said Omar Abdelkabeer. “They are also storing things in their houses and using all means available to them. We call on the United Nations and UNICEF and all the big organisations to help because this is a humanitarian crisis”.

Some families waved a Tunisian flag when they arrived and had nothing but praise for the welcome and assistance they received.