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Libya divided into protests and celebrations

Libya divided into protests and celebrations
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Conflict rages in the west of Libya, but in the East, there are celebrations.

In Benghazi they are waiting for Tripoli to fall and on the streets of the city, everyone thinks that will happen very soon.

A reporter on the scene, Francesca Cicardi, told euronews, groups of volunteers are leaving Benghazi to head for Tripoli and join the fight against Gaddafi’s forces.

“A week after the uprising in Benghazi, the people here have got together here to form what is being called a “revolutionary committee” to act as the new local government, managing the city and forging links with other towns in the east.” she added.

“Everyone here is celebrating and waiting for the revolution to spread to the west. The word is that the country will not be divided and Tripoli will continue as the capital of Libya.”