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Rebels claim gains in Western Libya

Rebels claim gains in Western Libya
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The proof of events in Benghazi has finally arrived with agency pictures showing the damage from fighting there, and the near total destruction of the main army base in Libya’s second city.

Armour and heavy weapons are now in the hands of the people and rebel army units, and the bad news for Colonel Gaddafi continues with reports of heavy fighting breaking out to the west of the capital, Tripoli.

Several towns there have reportedly fallen into the rebel’s hands, including the third city Misrata, where Gadaffi loyalists have launched a counter-attack. Az Zawiyah, an oil terminal just 50 kilometres from Tripoli, is also the scene of street fighting. One eyewitness described the city in “chaos”.

Oil exports have been cut to a trickle, but there is a flood of foreign workers, mainly Egyptians and Tunisians, leaving the country after Gaddafi accused them of spreading their revolutions. Inflating previous estimates a doctor told the French press agency AFP over 2000 people had died in Benghazi alone.