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Gaddafi blames al-Qaeda for revolt

Gaddafi blames al-Qaeda for revolt
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Muammar Gaddafi has blamed al-Qaeda for the uprising that currently has Libya in its grip.

In a speech on state television, the Libyan leader described the anti-government protesters as young people who were being manipulated.

Speaking by telephone from an unspecified location, Gaddafi asked the Libyan people how they could allow this to happen in their country. “We are not Egypt or Tunisia,” he added.

“It is normal to want a constitution,” he went on, “the norms of a civil society. We can come to an agreement about that but the protestors have no right to behave like this.”

“They are doing Osama Bin Laden’s work for him, and you should have nothing to do with it.”

This last remark was aimed primarily at the residents of Zawiyah, a town where there have been fierce clashes between pro- and anti-government forces.