Daniel Bruhl stars in German football fever movie

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Daniel Bruhl stars in German football fever movie

Daniel Bruhl stars in German football fever movie
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“Goodbye Lenin” revelation Daniel Bruhl is starring in a brand new biopic about the man who brought football to Germany.

Loosely based on a real-life story, the film is a “Dead Poet’s Society”-type tale of an unorthodox teacher who brings change to a strict German school at the end of the 19th century.

Change comes in the shape of a football.

It is German director Sebastian Grobler’s debut feature film:

“The amazing thing is that it was very, very hard for football in Germany in the beginning – it was forbidden. Students who played football in their free time were kicked out of school. So it’s amazing to the see the beginnings of what has become a very popular sport today,” he said.

How did Daniel Bruhl, who had never heard about him, clinch the role of Konrad Koch?

“Luckily, the director and the producer got the idea of offering me the role after reading an interview I once gave in which I talked about football. They sent me the script and was completely blown away,” said the actor.

The movie tells the story of young English teacher Konrad Koch, who soon has a host of enemies among colleagues and self-righteous members of society because of his unconventional methods.

Parents and town dignitaries manage to get football banned from school.

But Koch organises secret games in the park with his pupils and soon, football fever spreads to Germany.

“Der Ganz Grosse Traum” is out now in Germany.

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