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Libyan city of Ajdabiya a 'free city'

Libyan city of Ajdabiya a 'free city'
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The main focus of the protests sweeping Libya remains in the east of the country, far from the capital Tripoli.

The city of Ajdabiya has seen some of the heaviest violence with reports suggesting government security forces have lost control.

Located some 160 kilometres south of Libya’s second city Benghazi, euronews spoke to

Abdel Bari Zouay, an eyewitness, who said Ajdabiya was now a free city.

‘‘On Thursday, February 17, there was a demonstration in Ajdabiya. The protesters burned the local headquarters of the revolutionary committee. The Revolutionary Guard have fired upon us killing four demonstrators. Since Friday the city has been completely controlled by the protesters, who have burned 14 buildings belonging to the government. They have also burned portraits of Gaddafi and have formed groups who are now running the city,” he said.

“We call on the United Nations and all those who have a conscience to help the city Ajdabiya. The regime has sent African forces into the city but we are here waiting in the square of the martyrs. Everyone here is ready to defend the city against the mercenaries. We’ve discovered that these African mercenaries are going to land at Zouitina airport. I can assure you that everybody here is ready to fight against these traitors and African mercenaries,” he added.’