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Handbag pensioner clobbers robbers

Handbag pensioner clobbers robbers
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Witnesses who saw a pensioner foil a gang of would-be robbers in central England have been speaking of her bravery.

The woman, who is thought to be over 70 years old, ran to a jeweller’s shop in Northampton when she saw it being raided by six men in crash-helmets wielding sledgehammers.

The handbag heroine told a local newspaper she was angry that they thought they could get away with such a robbery in broad daylight.

Jeweller Luke Allebone, who was inside the shop during the attack, said he was stunned by her courage. “I don’t know if she knew much about it but it’s a very dangerous thing,” he said. “It was six young men out there with hammers intent on doing damage and stealing. To stop something like that takes great courage.”

Sarah-Jane Brown was in a neighbouring shop: “We were terrified,” she said. “We locked the door, we hid under the desk, we were really scared. And then we looked outside and God love her, she was running down the road with her handbag in the air, banging them on the back of the helmet with the handbag.”

She has been dubbed ‘Supergran’ by the British press, and just like her comic-book crimefighting counterparts she is keen to keep her identity a secret.

Police arrested four suspects.