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Egypt's Tahrir Square protesters vow to stay put

Egypt's Tahrir Square protesters vow to stay put
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Keen to get traffic moving, the Egyptian army tried to squeeze the burgeoning tent city around Tahrir Square this morning, but to no avail.
In response, protesters rushed out from their makeshift barricades to surround soldiers attempting to push them into a smaller area.
Wary of the army’s attempt to gain ground, many demonstrators are preparing to remain put for some time to come.
“Even after 30 years as president he wants to stay…It is impossible. Only in our world, the Arab world, can presidents remain in power for 30 to 40 years and plunge us into the unknown,” said one man.
Another demonstrator added: “I have written my will on this panel and I am not moving from here before the end of the regime.”
It is a sentiment widely shared across the square, with many now expecting the demonstration will spread further.
“Those who are thinking that we will get tired of sitting in Tahrir Square – our message to them is that we are not leaving. It is Mubarak who should leave Cairo,” said another protester.
Our correspondant in Cairo, Luis Carballo, said: “The pyramid of Pharaoh Mubarak is in the slow process of collapsing. This revolt on Tahrir Square is pushing Egyptian politics into the unknown. Lots of people here know that toppling Hosni Mubarak may take months, but they also know that the regime which has ruled the country with an iron grip for the last 30 years is dying.”