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Google executive released after detention in Egypt

Google executive released after detention in Egypt
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Egyptian authorities have released a senior Google executive who has been missing since violent protest erupted in the country.

Wael Ghonim, head of marketing for the Middle East and North Africa, was allegedly dragged away by secret police in Cairo last week.

But the fate of scores of others remains unknown, according to some at the heart of the protests.

“Until now we have listed the number of the missed, the figure around 175 missed, and we probably think they are already jailed,” one activist told euronews.

Some, however, now know that their relatives have been killed. A man who learnt today that his son died in protest last week in Suez gave this reaction to our reporter.

“I won’t leave the (Tahrir) square even if everybody goes home, I will not go until I exercise my son’s right and the right of all these young people, I will not leave before that.”

It remains to be seen which side the army will take between pro and anti-government forces.