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Cairo talks "inconclusive" says Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo talks "inconclusive" says Muslim Brotherhood
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One of Egypt’s most influential opposition groups, the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, has described today’s landmark multi-party talks as “inconclusive”.
They say a draft roadmap for a political overhaul has been agreed at the meeting in Cairo, but nothing more specific than that.
Many had refused to meet representatives of the government unless President Mubarak resigned. Opposition figure Mohamed ElBaradei did not take part in the talks, describing them as “lacking credibility” and not an answer to what protesters are demanding.
Mubarak has refused to step down, saying it would lead to chaos.
Instead Mubarak says he will not stand in the election, due in September.
The effects of political change in Egypt continue to be felt on many levels.
The leadership of the governing National Democratic Party has resigned en masse, seemingly in response to the unrest which has gripped the country.
Washington welcomed the news as a “positive step“ in the democratic transition.