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Faiths united in Cairo demonstrations

Faiths united in Cairo demonstrations
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The 13th day of protest in Egypt has been called the “Day of the Martyrs” by the organisers, in memory of the victims of the violence. Thousands of Coptic Christians and Muslims have stood side by side in Tahrir Square, in contrast to just over six weeks ago when they clashed after a bomb outside a church killed 21 people in Alexandria.

Michael Mounir of the United States Copts Association said his church cannot support the government because the same regime has been in power for 30 years. He said the government uses a carrot and stick tactic, threatening to cause trouble if followers take to the street, closing churches and banning people from doing anything.

Muslim cleric Taha Al-Azhar says he has been sleeping in Tahrir Square, and many times his Christian brothers have covered him during the night. He says he has seen amazing things, and that the sole good deed president Mubarak has done is to show that the Egyptian people are united.