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Egypt's women on the march

Egypt's women on the march
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It is not just different religions that have been standing side by side in Egypt’s uprising. Women have been making their mark too.

The visible presence of female demonstrators, both Christian and Muslim, protesting and dying alongside men, is challenging sterotypes in a traditionally male-dominated society.

Standing next to a Muslim woman, one Christian woman told our correspondent Luis Carballo that Egypt has become one country. The Muslim woman agreed, “all of us are one hand, all of us, we will never be separated.”

Another woman told of how she had been warned that she would suffer sexual harrassment if she joined the protest. She said that did not happen.

“If Mubarak is stubborn, then we are more stubborn”, she said, adding that for the first time in 30 years she is proud to be Egyptian.

Euronews correspondent Luis Carballo says the demonstrations taking place in Tahrir square are changing many things in Egypt, more than just Mubarak’s destiny. Many protesters have been there since the first day, and vow to stay until the last day. Luis explained that for the women involved the revolution has two aims, to remove Mubarak, and sweep away prejudice.