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Egypt - open for business and protests

Egypt - open for business and protests
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Today could be a key day in the anti-government movement in Egypt.

It is the day President Hosni Mubarak wants banks and shops to open again as he tries to retore a semblance of normality to the country after almost two weeks of unrest.

The army has tightened security around the square and adjoining streets.

Meanwhile Egypt’s largest opposition group, the Muslim Brotherhood, says it will now join talks with the government.

This follows last night’s masse resignation of the leadership of Mubarak’s National Democratic Party, purging the government of many Mubarak loyalists including his son and supposed successor, Gamal.

The change of heart by the Brotherhood perhaps reflects opposition concern that unless there is some movement on the political front, the protesters may lose heart.

But for now, they are still out in force.