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One injured as Tahrir Square heats up again

One injured as Tahrir Square heats up again
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Our correspondent in Tahrir Square, Luis Carballo, says he saw at least one person injured today.

He described the morning’s events for us, saying the day started off relatively peacefully.

“All morning the situation was fairly normal and calm until an incident occured that promted tension to rise all of a sudden.

“One of the tanks that was in front of the Cairo Museum – in one of the access routes to the square – started moving. And that set off apanic among some of the demonstrators. People became nervous. One of the demonstrators was beaten by the military. In my opinion he is in a bad way.

“The tanks continue to form a buffer zone and foot soldiers are much more present.

“We’ve also been seeing much more traffic in the streets and there are far fewer Mubarak supporters around.”