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Mubarak clings on as protests enter a 12th day

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Mubarak clings on as protests enter a 12th day
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Egypt’s pro-democracy protests entered their twelfth day on Saturday as president Hosni Mubarak continues to cling on to power.

Demonstrators camped out overnight in Cairo’s Liberation Square, which is named as a tribute to the country’s 1952 revolution against the monarchy and British rule.

Egypt has had just two presidents since then with the 82-year-old Mubarak in power for thirty years.

Protesters say the country has waited long enough for democratic reforms.

On Friday, dubbed the ‘Day of Departure’ by the opposition, they gathered near the capital’s main square and chanted anti-government slogans.

An increased military presence helped prevent a repeat of the bloodshed earlier this week.

However, demonstrators briefly clashed with Mubarak loyalists.

The two sides pelted each other with stones and missiles.

Vice President Omar Suleiman wants to hold talks later on Saturday to see if he could assume some of the president’s powers until elections in September.

But opposition figures say they want democracy now and to have a say in their own affairs.

They insist they won’t negotiate until Mubarak leaves Egyptian politics for good.

The UN estimates as many as 300 people have died in the unrest since January 25, while thousands more have been injured.