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Protesters in Turkey and France show support

Protesters in Turkey and France show support
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Hundreds of people gathered outside a mosque in Istanbul after Friday prayers in a show of support for the anti-government protesters in Egypt. Police say around 750 people took part.

There were also demonstrations of support on the streets of the Turkish capital, Ankara.

“Long live the Egyptian intifada” was the cry, a direct reference to the uprisings by the Palestinian Arabs against Israel.

Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has again urged President Hosni Mubarak to listen to the Egyptian people.

Meanwhile, in Paris, media rights activists gathered outside the Egyptian embassy to express their anger and concern about attacks on journalists covering events in Cairo.

Many journalists have been harassed and threatened, including the euronews correspondents in Cairo, a number of then have been attacked while others have been arrested and broadcast equipment and cameras taken or smashed.

The Qatar-based satellite news channel Al Jazeera says its office in Egypt’s capital Cairo was burnt and destroyed by “gangs of thugs”.

Earlier this week the Egyptian Information Ministry ordered Al Jazeera to shut down its operations in Egypt.