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Iran tells Arab nations to unite against west

Iran tells Arab nations to unite against west
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Iran’s supreme leader is calling on the people of Egypt and Tunisia to unite around their religion and against the west, calling the recent events an Islamic liberation movement.

Events in Egypt live

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei was speaking for the first time since the recent uprising. He told an audience of tens of thousands that Iran’s own Islamic revolution of 1979, which deposed the US backed Shah, had served as an example to people living under similar dictatorships.

Khamenei said that if the nation of Egypt, with divine help, can succeed in their struggle,then the effect of US policies in the region will amount to an irreparable defeat. The Ayatollah also claimed the Israelis are more worried about the consequences of the uprisings than what he called the fleeing officials of Tunisia and Egypt.

Khamenei called on the Egyptian army to back the protesters and focus on what he called the Zionist enemy.