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Few police on Cairo's streets

Few police on Cairo's streets
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Euronews correspondent Mohamed Elhamy has been able to visit some of the areas where protesters are gathering.

“I’ve walked around Tahrir Square and around some of the main entry points,” he said. “I can see boosted security measures. They were introduced yesterday and continue today.

“These measures have been taken by the army which is deployed in Tahrir Square. The police, on the other hand, have pulled out of Abdelmonim Riadh Square. The number of security forces in the streets is limited, most of these are traffic wardens.

“It’s also worth noting that the number of plain-clothes is very limited. There has been a fierce campaign against foreign reporters since yesterday evening.

“These journalists find themselves seeking refuge in Cairo’s big hotels. Some foreign reporters have been attacked by thugs. They’ve even attacked offices being used by foreign and Arabic-language channels.”

From our correspondents in Cairo