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'Fed up' Mubarak won't quit

'Fed up' Mubarak won't quit
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Hosni Mubarak has spoken out for the first time since the protests in Egypt began. In an interview, the 82-year-old president refused to step down immediately but admitted he is fed up and would like to go.

Events in Egypt live

Mubarak said his fear is that Egypt will slide deeper into chaos if he does quit.

In a statement on Tuesday, Mubarak promised not to stand for re-election this autumn but said he would stay in office until then. Neither the protesters nor the international community were satisfied with this plan.

The new Vice-President Omar Suleiman has said the government would not primarily choose force to get the protesters to leave Tahrir Square.

“We will call them. We will not choose any violence against them, but we will ask them to go home, and we will ask their parents to ask them to come home.”