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Call for international probe into Egypt killings

Call for international probe into Egypt killings
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Euronews spoke to Ayman Nour, the leader of the El Ghad opposition party.

Events in Egypt live

Correspondent Mohamed ElHamy began by asking if the dissolution of the national assembly would be a solution.

Nour: “The real problem concerns political will. If we dissolve the parliament, will there be a regime to put in place a democratically-elected parliament or not. Electoral fraud in Egypt has become a tradition and this is directly linked to the regime. This regime has always needed to rig the votes.”

ElHamy: “How does the El Ghad party react to what’s happening in Tahrir Square?”

Nour: “We are conscious of the seriousness of what’s going on in Tahrir Square. I declare to you now for the first time that we are going to make an appeal to the international criminal court with the aim of judging these criminals who are killing innocent people, and who are firing real bullets at people for no reason. These are gangs of criminals who belong to the regime and this constitutes a crime in itself.”