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Egypt starts the 'march of a million'

Egypt starts the 'march of a million'
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The thousands could become a million as Egyptians in Cairo begin the biggest demonstration yet against President Hosni Mubarak.
Despite a cabinet reshuffle and promises of reforms, protesters have called for people to come from all over the country to join a mass demonstration in the capital’s Tahrir Square. By 13:00 an estimated 100,000 people had flocked to the march.

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Crowds have been buoyed by Monday’s announcement by army chiefs that they would not fire on peaceful protesters, declaring they had legitimate demands.
With internet connections still down across the country, international search engine Google is helping demonstrators mobilise support by accessing Twitter using their mobile phones.
Talks between Egypt’s new Vice President Omar Suleiman and opposition figures have as yet failed to halt calls for President Mubarak to stand down.
A week after protests began those seeking change in Egypt hope today will be the day they finally break through.