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Military aircraft flying low over Cairo rally

Military aircraft flying low over Cairo rally
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In Egypt, the authorities are apparently ramping up their scare tactics, with military fighter planes and helicopters buzzing over the heads of anti-government protesters gathered in Tahrir Square.

There have also been reports of a much smaller aircraft emblazoned with the presidential seal coming in very low, even below the roofs of some of the surrounding buildings, making two fly-overs before disappearing again.

Each jet flypast was greeted with howls and whistles on the ground, where protesters calling for Hosni Mubarak to resign are ignoring a curfew on the sixth day of unrest.

Military commanders have been rallying the troops, and tanks are on the move throughout the city, but so far the soliders seem to be in no mood to disperse the demonstrations.

The mood amongst the protesters is less jubilant than yesterday and more angry, and there are reports that “Down with Mubarak” has been daubed across the centre of the square.

According to sources, the death toll is now well over 100 and several thousand people have been wounded. There have also been multiple arrests.

Demonstrators also claim that plain clothes policemen have been looting shops in order to create chaos and frighten the population into giving up their protests. Others claim that the police have deliberately released dangerous criminals onto the streets for the same reason.

But the demonstrators in all the large cities across Egypt appear to be in no mood to give up and go home soon.