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Final Bloody Sunday march held in N.Ireland?

Final Bloody Sunday march held in N.Ireland?
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It was supposed to be the final march to mark Bloody Sunday in Northern Ireland, but not everyone agrees.

Thousands took part on Sunday, to remember the 14 people killed by British troops in 1972. The decision to stop the annual march comes after an official report found the actions of the British troops were both “unjustified and unjustifiable”.

But Kate Nash, the sister of a Bloody Sunday victim, said: “Sinn Fein runs the march, so obviously it’s Sinn Fein that is stopping the march, but I don’t know the reasons for that. What I can say is that the only people that this would serve, that I see anyway, would be the British government. It’s an annual reminder of the atrocities that they have committed in Ireland.

However, other victims’ families say they agree the event should come to an end.

The killings happened when British paratroopers opened fire on a civil rights march in Derry’s Bogside area.