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ElBaradei joins mass rally in Cairo's Tahrir Square

ElBaradei joins mass rally in Cairo's Tahrir Square
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Mohamed ElBaradei, the Egyptian opposition figure and Nobel Peace prize winner, has joined the demonstrators in Tahrir Square.

He has already made his position clear to journalists: “Mubarak has to go immediately. First step he has to go, second step we have to have a government of National Salvation in coordination with the Army. So the people and the army will get together, go for a transitional period where then we prepare for a free and fair election, a new Constitution and then move on to a democracy.”

Earlier in the day ElBaradei told reporters that he had a popular mandate from the people to form an interim government.

Abdel-Jalil Charnouby from the Muslim Brotherhood told euronews: “If there is a national agreement on this idea then obviously the Muslim Brotherhood will agree with it. We need to realise what is needed, so a government headed up by a well-known personality who has the support of the armed forces would be accepted by the Muslim Brotherhood.”

Meanwhile, embattled president Hosni Mubarak has been meeting military leaders and rallying the troops. He has also announced that the police and the security forces would return to the streets on Monday. It was reported that they will be undertaking traffic duties and criminal investigations but will not be confronting the demonstrators.