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Egypt will "never be the same after these protests"

Egypt will "never be the same after these protests"
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euronews spoke to an Egyptian journalist covering the mass rally in Tahrir Square.

Mohamed El Dahshan, a journalist with the Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper, said: “They have several banners which are saying the same thing, and a lot of people told me the same thing …that they are not going anywhere until he (Mubarak) leaves. The banners read: “We are not leaving before he does”.

“The people are hoping for something to happen within the next few days now. There is no going back, however these protests end. The momentum here is that people are shaking almost their hands… starting to say congratulations in one sense, while there are others saying we are just getting started.

“That is exactly how it feels. People are quite excited but they realise that the immediate demands of the end of the regime and the removal of Mubarak are really nothing but the beginning of rebuilding of an Egypt that we can all belong to.

“There is definitely this excitement, but people realise that there is still a long way to go. Egypt will never be the same after these protests. Definitely.”